Marquette, Part One


Today's photos were taken at a scenic lookout on M-2, just before we headed over to the Seney Stretch.

All of a sudden it's October and I can't seem to remember a single thing that I did in June.  The summer was upon me before I could even conceive of it properly and now it seems to have run away out from underneath me.

My friend Terry is always teasing me for running around all over the country, and I'm thankful for that voice of accountability. I want to stay put in Owosso, and yet the inertia of my life takes me elsewhere. Out to Connecticut in May to see old friends, down to Chicago in June (I think) to visit another old friend, out to Connecticut in August for job training, up to Marquette for family vacation and then back down to Chicago for another family vacation.

Every one of those trips was built around spending time with people I love, and yet the net effect of those trips is that I can't really remember how I spent the summer. It's a blur of comings and goings. Thank goodness for the steadiness of Pleasant Vally, calling me home after every one of my wanderings. I'm going to be moving into the park full time pretty soon, and I can't wait. Next summer I hope to spend a little less time on the road and a little more time paying attention to smell of the summer air in Shiawassee County.