15.02.03 // Snow Days


Today's photos are from the winter wonderland that appeared yesterday morning when the storm finally cleared. 

Snow days are definitely less exciting when "not going to school" means "not subbing" which means "not getting paid".  Still, I'm pleased to report that a shrinking paycheck, no matter how inconvenient, is absolutely no match for the sheer joy and excitement of a snow day.

They say that you can never make up time, but those "they" people must've never had a snow day. Snow days shift everyone's schedule back 24 hours, making space for pajamas and movies and warm cookies. I had a relatively important meeting yesterday with a lot of very professional people and a very large percentage of us (including me) were wearing sweatpants. That's the beauty of a snow day.


p.s. I apologize for the radio silence on Friday, everyone. This new schedule got the best of me and Friday slipped away without a new post coming into the world. I thought about making it up on Saturday, but then thought better of it. This note will serve as a more authentic marking of this time than any make-up post would have. Remember February of 2015, when you thought you could work 6 days a week and then come home every one of those 6 nights and do three more hours of work? Remember that?