15.01.16 // Back At It


Today's images are drawings made by Abigail Webster.

A friend of mine told me once that festivals like Mardi Gras, which often seem, at first, to be an epic break down of the status quo, are actually essential to maintaining and strengthening the status quo. These fixed periods of rule breaking and rebellion serve like a pressure valve, releasing the frustration that has built up within a community. At Mardi Gras we party for a week and then return to normal, finding upon our return that normality is in fact more stable than we had left it.

In the same way, taking a few weeks off at Christmas time seems like a break down in productivity. For days or even weeks, I accomplish very little. Then I come back from break, and find myself deeply energized. I'm energized, not just because I've had time to rest, but also because I've realized: I don't actually want to stop working. I like my work, and I'm eager to return.

Getting back to work these past two weeks has been lovely, especially since it's involved getting settled back in at the Webster house. I loved being home for the holidays and I've loved coming back for the New Year. It's good to sink into old rhythms. It's good to share life with friends. Marlene, Ted, and Abby: thank you for making me feel so at home. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year.