15.01.13 // New Year, New Adventure


My phone rang at 5:30 this morning to tell me that someone at Central Elementary School was unexpectedly unable to come to work. Which is to say: I am officially approved to be a substitute teacher for Owosso Public Schools. I've schedule myself to start subbing regularly next week, working (hopefully) Monday through Thursday in the schools and then Friday and Saturday for a small business that my friends Chris and Chloe run.

I've been preparing for this new schedule since the holidays wrapped up, making lists and building schedules and outfitting the desk in the room where I'm staying (featured here today) with books and journals and LED lights. My plans is to work for money during the day Monday through Saturday and then spend 3 hours in the evening Monday through Friday working on Rosiechild, City Church, and the Intersection projects.

On the one hand, I am absolutely terrified that I will be unable to maintain that evening schedule of work and all the projects that I care most about will fall terribly apart. On the other hand, I've experienced that lots and lots of free time does not always lead, for me, to lots and lots of productivity. Working 48 hours/week might actually end up making my personal projects move along more quickly. Either way, the adventure begins next week.