15.01.09 // Apples & Oranges


This week has been lovely. I'm back at Marlene's house after being home for two weeks during the holidays, which means that I'm back into my normal work routine. Though since I'm still waiting for all the paperwork to clear for substitute teaching, it's been a pretty quiet week. I've been doing lots of planning and thinking and praying, preparing for these next few months. It's wonderful to feel like I'm moving toward the mountain again, building a network of projects that are creative, meaningful, and sustaining.

All that to say that it's been pretty chill this week without much to report or photograph, but I did happen to dig up some old scanned images from the first book I ever wrote. Apples & Oranges was one half of my senior thesis in college. Thought the particulars of my lifestyle ambitions have changed a bit, I'm happy to report that the values expressed in this piece still resonate deeply with me. (You can read the book in full for free on the portfolio page.)

Hope you are all having a good first week back to normal life. Bring it on, 2015.