15.01.06 // Peter the Platypus


Today's photos are excerpts from Dallas Clayton's An Awesome Book and Oliver Jeffer's Once Upon an Alphabet.

In 2012, I wrote and illustrated a book called Art & Resistance and made copies for my friends and family as Christmas presents. The book was fun to make and ended up being a great solution to both my modest bank account balance and my growing skepticism of shopping as a way to celebrate a Christian festival. So last year I decided to make in an annual tradition.

The second annual Christmas book got off to a late start, and I ended up writing What Will You Be? in only 2 or 3 days. Don't worry, though, this year I was much more responsible. This year, I started writing 5 whole days before Christmas. In future years I'm hoping to spend a little more time on the project.  After 3 years the novelty has worn off a bit and my family has started to offer feedback on the story line and artwork. That's awesome, and it makes me want to keep getting better.

This year's book is called Peter the Platypus. It's available to read in full for free on the portfolio page and available for purchase through Blurb. (I apologize for the high price of the printed copies through Blurb. They do on-demand printing, which is convenient, but also expensive.) If you're interested in buying (cheaper) hand bound copies of any of the books, send a note to heather@rosiechild.com.

I hope you like the book. If you do, share it with someone you love. That's what it was designed for.

Happy Epiphany, everyone.


p.s. Thank you to Dallas Clayton and Oliver Jeffers - your work is an inspiration to me. I hope that my books will someday be as beautiful as yours.