14.12.30 // May Justice Come


Today's photos are of my cousin Kristen's daughter, Molly. I took them at Thanksgiving, when I was lucky enough to have the day off and time to spend with my family.

As advent began this year, I prepared myself for a slightly less restful Christmas holiday than I'd had in previous years. As a student and in the three years since graduating, I've been lucky enough to have lots of time off around the holidays. Working at the hospital, I wasn't expecting to have that luxury and when the schedule was published, my doubts were confirmed: I would be working Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I reminded myself that's lots of people have to work Christmas Eve. I reminded myself that many people have to work Christmas Day. I remembered that many many people have not had the luxury of so many years of relaxing time with their family during the holidays. I was prepared to work those days and honestly, I had gotten to a place where I was comfortable with it. I was thankful for what time I would have with my family and I was thankful for my job.

Then, on the Monday before Christmas, I was unexpectedly fired my from job at the hospital. (I won't go through all the details here, but would be willing to share more about that experience if you have any specific questions.) Suddenly, I was faced with a very flexible schedule for the holidays. There was work to do, for sure, but there would also be lots and lots of time to spend with my family. And it was only after being fired that I realized just how important this time is to me. As I told Abby earlier this week, it feels like entropy actually slows down in the week between Christmas and New Years. I yearn for the day when this time will be a time of rest for everyone.

I was delighted to find this message when I logged into my Mailchimp account yesterday. What if we all implemented this policy? What if we shut down all non-essential services during this week? What if we did everything in our power to make this time available to as many people as possible for rest and relaxation? What if we practiced a nation-wide week of rest? I think we would find that very little was lost, and very much was gained.

I'm thankful for all the people who have worked so hard, some even giving their lives, to build the 8 hour work day and the 2 day weekend. May their work continue. May we join them in that work. Make we all work hard. May we all rest well. May we live justly. May justice come.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


p.s. I apologize for my silence last week. I had meant to get a post out on Tuesday before taking Friday off for the holiday. As it turns out, my Christmas book project took over my life last week and making a Rosiechild post slipped down on the priority list. Hopefully the book will be worth it, which I handed out to friends and family last week and will be posting here for everyone on Friday. Enjoy this season, everyone.