14.11.21 // Move Owosso Forward


Today's photos are from my Junior year of college (mostly, I think - a few might be from Sophomore or Senior year).

I am immensely thankful for my experience at Owosso Public Schools. The vast majority of my education was spent within this institution. I arrived in second grade and stuck around until twelfth. Eleven years of education, all facilitated by OPS. Some of my most dramatic and beautiful learning experiences unfolded within their walls - third and fourth grade with Mrs. Sommers, AP Bio senior year with Mr. Dorman, seventh and eighth grade band with Mr. Tolrud, the whole amazing TMB adventure.

Better yet, even - when I yearned for a community that OPS just couldn't provide within its own walls, they willfully collaborated with other organizations. They allowed to pursue CHAMPS during 8th and 9th grade (a math program at MSU), a year of international exchange with Rotary during my junior year, and dual enrollment with LLC during my senior year. Their support ultimately enabled my successful application to Yale, which formed the final few years of my formal education. I grew up in these schools, and I'm grateful for all the support that the staff, faculty, and administration gave me all those years.

Which is why I'm so excited to begin working on the Move Owosso Forward campaign, a collected effort to pass a new millage in February that will support the renovation of our current high school into a combined middle school and high school campus. I've been impressed with and inspired by our superintendent, Andrea Tuttle, for quite a few years now, and I'm compelled by the proposal her and her administration team have developed for our community's consideration. I'm voting 'YES' in February this year and I hope you will, too. For more information on the proposal, visit the district's website. To volunteer on the independently organized Move Owosso Forward campaign in support of the proposal, you can email me (at heather@roseichild.com).

If you support this proposal, the best thing you can do is to email me and register as an intended 'YES' vote. We'll keep track of your contact info and make sure that you get reminded to vote a few times in the weeks before the election.

This proposal is the product of a lot of dreaming, a lot of work, and a lot of hope within Owosso Public Schools - students, staff, faculty, administration, board members, all of us. We've been whispering dreams about a brighter future for our kids. Now we have the chance to make a huge step forward - a huge steptowards that future.

See you at the polls :)