14.10.24 // Wrapping Pipes and Warming Cocoa, Part Two


Before heading out to the park last Saturday, I told Marlene that I was going to be taking pictures during our work day, which would make me largely unavailable for the actual pipe wrapping and window covering. And as expected, the words sounded lazy coming out of mid-western-raised mouth. It only got worse when we arrived at the park and started handing out jobs. "I need two teams of two to crawl under trailers, who wants to go?" Cut to me, staring at my feet, flushed with shame and fiddling with my camera.

When the job assigning was over, I started following the volunteers around: shoving a camera in their face, feeling mostly annoying and not very productive at all. Until, that is, the kids started following me around and asking questions about my camera. I threw my neck strap over their heads, showed them how to auto-focus, and let them loose. The second half of this photo essay, in fact, is full of photos taken by the kids.

Even without the kids participating, I knew deep down that taking pictures of our work was important. I'm in charge of communication for the Intersection (the non profit funding the work) and photos of our work are incredibly valuable. That logic didn't quiet my spirit, though. It took Dakota's curious eyes peering through a view finder to do that.