Yesterday I drove west to Livonia. The five lane highways and perpetually half filled footbal field parking lots, they send me into absolute fits.





It's not pretty.

But there I was anyway, pulling off 96 onto Middlebelt Rd, passing Costco, a dead strip mall, and one of those sleek newly renovated red and white Bob Evans.

A little further down and I pulled into a small driveway.

The driveway of the practice of Dr. Zuzana Grunberger.

Because when it comes to my teeth, I amย all about Livonia.

Little Johnny may be languishing away in the perpetual loneliness of his McMansion's basement, but gosh darn it.

He will have the finest dental care that money can buy.

And I'll have that dental care too, thank you.

I'm a hypocritical new urbanist slumming it in Livonia, and incidentally, totally in love with my new dentist.