A Lot of Love

Saturday night was Noel Night, a forty one year tradition of welcoming thousands and thousands of people into Midtown to kick of the Holiday Season. My dad hoodwinked a whole handful of my dearest friends to come join Bjorn, Ting, and I for the festivities.

I worked from 10 to 5 on Saturday, so we all planned to meet up at Great Lakes near the end of my shift. Five o'clock rolled around and beautiful familiar faces started to pop up. Ben appeared behind the bar and I gave him a quick hug before rushing off to finish up my end-of-shift chores. Bryan popped his head into the kitchen - quick hug, then back to work.

Then Chris showed up, and his quick pop into the kitchen turned into a huge epic bear hug. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me right off the ground, sending me, of course, into fits of smiles and laughter.

And just at that moment, my boss came around the corner.

"Woah, that's a lot of love."

I scurried off to finish the rest of my work, somewhat self-conscious, hoping that I hadn't been too loud/disruptive/unprofessional.

I tried to brush it off, though.

I figure it this way:

If I'm going to make a mistake and feel a little bit foolish at work, a bear hug from Chris is an excellent consolation prize.

p.s. A few of you guys mentioned to me that you'd noticed my absence from Rosiechild last week, and more specifically - you noticed the pre-schedule blank posts shooting off into the ether. There's not excuse; I said I would write Mon-Wed-Fri, and I didn't. I believe that breaking my word to people I love (you guys) always has an impact, and for that, I apologize. I'm back at it this week, and I hope y'all enjoy the stories. Cheers, Heather.