Milk Chocolate

I worked two eight hour shifts this week on Tuesday and Thursday. Eight to four, both days.

The shifts passed pretty similarly - I stood around the coffee house, suffering under once circumstance or another, looking forward to 4:01 pm.

Tuesday was too busy, Thursday too slow.

Both left me exhausted.

And on both days I looked forward to returning to my apartment for,

a) Lots and lots of yummy food


b) Lots and lots of watching Game of Thrones


Standing behind that counter all day, this combination of salt, fat, sugar, and HBO seemed like absolutely the peak of human experience.

I could not wait to get home.

And of course, for about 20 minutes, it was amazing.

Three hours later, though - less amazing.

I was left feeling scarcely better than when I was behind the counter, and just as trapped.

Like milk chocolate, TV and junk food leave me wanting more, even when I already have a stomach ache.

And I consume junk food by the pound and I prefer to watch one hour TV drama episodes four at a time.

You can imagine, then, how easily my 8 hours of evening on Tuesday and Thursday slipped right by.

Worse yet, those evenings' ennui leaked into the next morning.

As I type this, my nose is wrinkling up.

The imagine of me lying on my bed for hours and hours, staring blanking into a brightly lit screen ...


Not pretty.

Not what I'm committed to in the world.

I resolved to create better post-work habits and tonight, I kept my word.

Tonight I came home, cooked some food, chatted with my roommates. I did some yoga, listened to some greatย public radio, and worked on the epic paper chain installation I'm creating in my bedroom.

Sitting here on my bed, I feel energized. I got off work 3 hours later today than I did on Thursday (I worked 1-7 today) and yet it feels like this evening has been much longer, more productive, and more enjoyable.

I have hope that I'll maintain this new pattern of behavior.

Not guaranteed, though, especially when you consider:

It's ten thirty, I'm getting ready for bed and can you believe it?

After those days, after writing this post, I'm still seriously asking myself:

"Should I watch an episode before I go to bed?".