Yesterday, I hit my breaking point. It's been almost a month since I moved in my new apartment, and for a month I've been sleeping in a white washed room with all my furniture pushed up against the walls.

Bad lighting, nothing hung on the walls, a warehouse space without any of the post industrial charm.

All my art has been leaned up against each other, with art in various states of framed and unframed leaning against the side wall.

And yesterday, I'd finally had it.

I pulled sketch paper out of my art supply chest, spread it on the living room floor and started painting.

I painted large 36" x 48" pieces of paper in all the different colors I had lying around, sliced them up into little pieces, and started making paper chains.

This morning I  pulled the furniture off the wall and moved it around to create separate sleeping space and living spaces within the room.

The first couple paper chains are hung and I'm well on my way to a creating a lovely little hyggeligt space.

This new room has been lying dormant all these weeks, waiting for me to deploy a few hours of time and a little creative spark.

All the materials were here the whole time, waiting to be transformed.