Water Boy / Coffee Girl

I had my training shift at Great Lakes yesterday and it was ... AMAZING!!!

David, the General Manager, the guy that trained me - he has an incredible philosophy of work.

He's committed to excellence ... just because he wants to be.

Just because, how else would you spend your time?

He's driven to improve and learn and work harder, just because it's a lot more fun that the alternative.

He's determined to make Great Lakes as good as it can be, a role model for coffee shops all over the country. He's ready to throw down with Chicago, Portland, Seattle, New York.

He's ready to do something extraordinary, and I AM SO ON BOARD.

On my three hour training shift, I already learned how to properly prepare a pour-over coffee.

I added the "bloom" step to my own personal coffee preparation this morning, and I swear I can tell the difference.

I also didn't get to bed until after midnight yesterday, despite hitting the hay around 10 pm.

Exhaustion from three hours of nervous energy combined with way too much coffee to be drinking after 5 pm kind of screwed me over.

No worries, though. That was yesterday. Today is today.

Today, I've got all my fancy employment papers andΒ I'm filling them out for our first staff meeting this Sunday at 7 pm.

I think I'll always be the crazy person who wants to start stuff from scratch, and I know that in the end I'll probably end up taking on a lot of personal accountability for the coffee shop.

Still, in this moment, I'm joining a team that's already working, contributing to an organization that's already contributing to the community, working for a boss that I really respect.

And in this moment, it's a really good feeling.

Sometimes it's nice to be the water boy in the back of the bus, lending a hand and cheering for a team that's already winning.