Fancy That

Ting and Bjorn and I hosted our friend Alex for dinner tonight. He's an old friend of Ting's, in for the week from San Francisco, visiting family in Toronto and doing a little bit of business locally. We had a great evening, full of high flying lofty conversation and warm laughter shared over inside jokes.

We ate sweet potato gnocchi and left over spanikopita and sipped a surprisingly yummy bottle of red wine that'd been lurking in our pantry since move in. (Thanks for that, Dad, I'm pretty sure it came from you.)

After a few hours of food and conversation, the evening broke up.

Alex headed to his hotel room and Ting and Bjorn jumped on scheduled phone calls. Bjorn in their bedroom, Ting in mine - our apartment, instantly turned private office building.

With Ting and Bjorn off on the other side of the apartment, I took the lead on kitchen clean up.

Don't feel bad for me - I'd been slacking on dishes doing the past week. It's a chore I loathe and with three of us it's easy for me to sneakily do less than my share. So this was a good opportunity for me to pick up some roommate points.

I turned on my favorite episode of Radiolab, and settled into a great rhythm.

It's funny; I'm a crazy extroverted person. I love other people - they energize and delight me. With other people - that's where I relax, that's where I regenerate. These past weeks living with Bjorn and Ting have been amazing; I get more done, I feel healthier, it's just exactly how I want to live.

And I also spent the last 2 years living more or less alone.

And so even though it's not in my nature, I've learned to be alone.

I've learned that a conversation on in the background (ahem, ahem, Krista Tippett) works much better for me than music. I've learned to lock into that conversation and spend an hour cooking myself a good meal.

Or, in this case, clean up after a good meal.

Two years later I really truly enjoy that time alone.

I enjoyed those 40 minutes, spent alone, clearing and wiping and washing.

Fancy that.

Who knew.