Sunday Morning

I left Owosso this morning at 9:30 am and drove three hours back to Detroit, winding through back roads, meandering slowly southeast and listening to Krista Tippett interviews. Shiawassee County, in the fall, in the morning, makes me smile.

I bought coffee at McDonald's on the way out of town and nursed it the whole way down.

I bent through the country, down roads I didn't know, through villages I didn't know. Always south, always east, slowly moving home.

Leaving Owosso and going home: a brand new experience.

The landscape shifted slowly: roads slowly straighter, slowly wider, fewer trees, more cars, newer homes, bigger home. Somewhere around Southfield I jumped on 696 and finished the last hour via Interstate.

I got off at Mack, narrowly avoiding marathon traffic and five blocks from my home, Ting texted: "When are you getting back?"

Very soon.

I arrived home in a euphoric haze.

So much love. Michigan. Rural Michigan. Detroit. Fall. Morning and coffee. Old friends and new roommates.

Damn, it's good to be alive.