On Parents

I took this class called the Landmark Forum a couple years ago, and one of things I really liked about it was how they talked about parents.  

The Forum is this kind of self-development program, and they try and talk about all the ideas and conflicts that get in our way and everybody’s got parents, right, so it’s someting we have to talk about.


Anyway, so sometime during the second day, they just bring it up cold.


“Now it’s time to talk about your parents.”


And this is how they stary: “Let’s be clear. Your parents, gave you life. They made you. They brought you here. Without them you wouldn’t exist, you wouldn’t be sitting here thinking about how they messed you up, you wouldn’t be eating pizza, you wouldn’t be anything.”


“Your parents are the only reason that you get sit to go to the movies and drink coffee and wake up late on Sundays and buy shoes.”


“Without them, there’s just nothing. So how about a little gratitude?


Luckily for us, their insights got a little more subtle and complex from there, but isn’t that a great place to start?


"How about a little gratitude?"


I think that’s just awesome.


Thank you Mama, thank you Papa, thank you Dad.


You guys rock.