Bjorn and Ting and I are settling into Detroit and it's becoming clearer and clearer that this was absolutely the right decision. This city and these two people are forcing me to ask all the right questions.  

Ting sent out a monthly run down of all her favorite things, and here's the email I sent to her and Bjorn about it:


I am so excited to have my brain swimming around with your guys' brains.


Ting - I followed a bunch of your links and found myself exploring amazing projects - Mamie's space in Google and then Google glass and the designer portfolios you link to. So many people who have this gorgeous presence online and all the bios are a version of "I design blank and blank" and it's funny because I remember talking to you guys about my resume and how it feel more like a portfolio, like a pile of stuff that I made up.
And I think - is 'designer' a word like 'artist' - are we all designers now? And in this new world, won't we all have a site showing off what we make?
And then, the big hairy question - all these gorgeous people, is this a vision of the future, is this what we're building, is this 'coming soon' to everyone in America, everyone in the world?
Or is it just another iteration of the elite, just us and our generation having a blast while the world burns.
And I have no idea, and I'm so glad you guys are here to help me figure it out.
And Bjorn, forever with accountability checks:
How are we using our time? Are we making a difference? Or are we just throwing a party for us and our friends?
Life is good, my friends. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going yet, but I feel like I'm growing toward the light.