Is It Just Me?

Do other people feel this way?  

Did other generations experience their world this way?



Were generations before me born into such a completely broken world?


Did those generations feel like this?


It struck me today as I walked down the street. I don’t expect anything from my government.




I don’t expect the City of Detroit to pay for streetlights and I don’t expect my country to act ethically abroad.


I don’t expect public schools to prepare my children to live full, whole robust lives full of creativity and connection.


I don’t expect corporations to do what they say. I don’t expect them to give me a job, and I don’t expect them to pay their taxes.


I assume that every single one of the institutions handed down to me to be rotten to the core, morally and fiscally bankrupt, incapable of producing value.


It’s just such a strange way to move through the world, and I find myself wondering - is this how it used to be?


Did my grand parents feel this way?


Is it just me??