Not A Single Thing

In Detroit can you walk down a block full of collapsing luxury buildings built in the 20's and 30’s and 40’s. Gorgeous palaces, crumbling into the ground. Huge metaphors towering over the street – the collapse of industrialism, the brokenness of a society built on the promise of continued wealth, a warning to anyone who would ever again dare to act with such hubris, a warning to anyone who would presume that a human community could sustain such gluttony.  

You walk around and you feel the mistakes we made, you see the broken windows and the broken faces.


It's a morally charge modern ruin, and then I turn the corner.


I turn the corner and I'm staring up at a glistening new office building, floors and floors of renovated condos, a ten story tall iPad advert.


Massive corporations pouring money and jobs and the elite into a town that supposedly needs all three.


It’s there, and it’s celebrated, and we haven't learned a thing.