Work That Matters and My Silly Seventeen Year Old Self

It seems like I've been travelling non-stop since finishing up my work with Main Street on August 16th, and I'm surprised by how tired I am of it. I'm really looking forward to settling back down.  

Which is funny, considering my world view when I was seventeen. At that time I had just finished up my year in Denmark and I dreamed of going back on the road. The only thing I wanted to do was travel and see new places. Even as recently as May 2011 I still thought that was a good idea. I was dreaming of building a tiny house and travelling the United States.


Cut to today, September 2013, and all I want to do is move into my apartment and put everything in it's place and get to work. Get to work building our dinner series, get to work building CrazySmith, get to work improving RosieChild. I think that's the difference between me now and me then. Me then wasn't doing work I was passionate about. I was a student. My job was to read and learn and soak in the world - and travelling is a great way to do that.


Nowadays my job is to build projects that unleash the creative power of human beings. My job is to impact my fellow human beings, to connect them to what they're passionate about, and support them in building a life around hat work.


I find that hard to do when I'm sleeping on a different couch every week and living out of a suitcase.


It's kind of like camping. Sleeping on the ground and making food on a whisper light stove is kind of fun, but it sure gets in the way of doing creative work.


I'm pumped to get moved in to my new apartment a week from today so that I can get all my vital systems up and automated. Food, laundry, showers, work that pays the bills - I'm excited to get all those processes up and running so that I can focus on what I really care about: doing work that matters.