Why leave the forest?

Bjorn and I spent a day and half out on our camping trip, which was plenty of time for me to realize this:  

I'm really glad we built houses.


It is seriously hard to get up to much of anything when you're spending so much time just marching around and making your bed and making a fire and making dinner.


When we got back to his house, I was so glad to be there. Not so much for the comfort of it (although that was nice), but for the utility of it. A kitchen full of food and a warm bed means that I can focus on other things, like writing.


The only reason to build these big lavish things we call homes is so that we can free up our time for the really good creative human stuff. The interesting stuff, the beautiful stuff.


If we're not getting up to something creative and interesting and beautiful, then why even bother with all this modern infrastructure business?


If we're not using these tools to empower gorgeous, risky, creative lives, then why did we ever leave the forest?