Michaelangelo Does Oregon

I landed in Portland, Oregon yesterday and will be spending the next 10 days out here with Bjorn. We're staying in his hometown of Albany, an hour or so south of Portland.  

(For any Michiganders planning to visit the area, Albany is pronounced "uhl-bun-ee", not "al-bun-ee". "Uhl" as in always, not "al" as in pal. I'm still not entirely used to having good friends that didn't grow up in Michigan. Who knew that not everyone uses their entire throat to pronounce their a's, who knew we had an accent?)


Anywho, we got in late last night so I we saved the grand tour for this morning. And wow. Just wow. Bjorn's parents built his childhood home in three or four stages during their marriage. This place has more windows than walls. And some huge percentage of those walls are gorgeous amber colored wood. The second floor spaces are all loft-style with guard rails opening up into the 20 foot sloped ceilings. There are many sky lights. The place is lousy with Scandinavian design. (Bjorn's mom is Danish, woot.)


Their five acres of land hold pear trees, apple trees, cherry trees, a half acre garden, a chicken coop, six chickens, wild black berry bushes and an aging Christmas tree farm.


And then, because there wasn't enough beauty running around, there's this:


Tree @ Bjorn's house


Bjorn's brother in law cut down this tree and decided to turn it into a throne/sculpture. You know, like you do. The entire sculpture, detail and all, was completed with a chain saw. Then, as it tends too, life barrelled back in and created those gorgeous maple shoots,


Michaelangelo famously said, "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." David was in there, waiting for him, waiting to be released, waiting to be created.


Our whole world is that block of stone. Our homes, the trees in our yard, the dinner we're making tonight: they hold opportunities for art, opportunities for connection, opportunities for greatness.


How wonderful it is to be constantly surround with the raw materials of art.


How wonderful it is that we never have to stop creating.