What It Takes

Chris finished editing the first part of Erin's audition video for Smirkus. Check it out all, it'll make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud.


I hung out with Erin last night and I was reminded once again what.an extraordinary young woman I have for a little sister.


Her day started around 6:30 yesterday morning when she got up to start her fourth day of tenth grade. After seven hours spent completing an ambitious academic schedule, she had a couple hours off before 6:00 pm,.when she needed to be at attention and in uniform for marching band. Three hours later, after running around a football field in a polyester costume, she finally arrived home for the evening. Friday night after the week of school. Time to veg out, right?


Not for this girl. While the rest of us leaned back and enjoyed 120 minutes of Tina Fey's gorgeous comedic antics, Erin got out the scissors.


She's building a costume for a parade on Sunday and wanted to make an aviation hat, Amelia Erhart style. She spent her two hours researching hat patterns and cutting up duct tape covered fabric.


This is creativity, this is creation, this is.passion. This is what it looks like, this is what it takes.


I'm not always sure that I have what it takes.


I know that Erin does.


Love you, girl.