Why yes, I did have a good Labor Day.

Last Monday I wrote about filming a clown skit with my family.  Yesterday was day two of filming, and it was even more epic than day one.  

Everyone in the family was on hand for filming: that's seven people living in two and half different cities, working five different jobs. Quite the scheduling feat for little miss Erin Riley, who was responsible for wrangling us all into the driveway at 1:00 pm yesterday.


So there we stood, having signed up for five hours of shooting. Erin either one, wields tremendous powers of persuasion, or two, has a very loving family.


I'd say it was 50/50.


So, there we are, scene one: we all line up shoulder to shoulder on the driveway. Erin is wearing a comedically over-sized military surplus backpack with a frying pan and water bottle hanging off the back. She's scripted to be tapped on the shoulder, spin around, and knock us all over - domino style.


Before we started rehearsing, though, Papa points out that someone is going to get hit by the frying pan. After assessing the swing radius of the pan we all (excepting Papa) decided it would be fine. The pan was hanging on the left side of the pack. Erin would be spinning clockwise, leaving the pan safely out of the path of destruction.


Well, not so much.


First take, first turn, and wop. Kathleen ends up spitting a healthy chunk of her front tooth onto our front lawn.


Miraculously, she wasn't badly hurt.  She was hit square in the face, the sound was bone chilling, but we were lucky. She could have easily broke her nose or sustained a concussion. Instead of a trip to the ER, she's got some cosmetic dentistry in her future.


It was pretty scary for all of us, though. Even now, I can't think about it too much. It makes we want to crawl under this table and whimper.


Papa was a perfect Papa. He had a right to the the biggest fattest "I told you so" in the history of the world, but didn't even dream of taking it. In that moment, though, blame really wasn't important. We were all just really thankful that Kathleen wasn't hurt. Not hurt, just very surprised and scared


The rest of the day passed injury free, and we had a wonderful time. At one point we ended up down in Henderson Park. Papa was driving, Chris was filming, Daniel was dropping banana peels on Erin's face, Kathleen and I were dragging Erin by her feet alongside the moving car, and Mom was in charge of safety. Her job was to yell "STOP" if anyone was in danger of being run over.


It was quite the scene for walker passing by. On top of all the craziness, we were all coughing and gasping in between fits of laughter.


Making this movie together, it was better than any family trip we've ever take. Better than Michigan Adventure, better than Mackinaw Island, better than a weekend at the lake. We'e had some amazing family vacations, but nothing beats making art together.


We'll remember this forever; we'll watch this video forever. Creation is the most powerful way to spend time together as a family. It's the most powerful way for any group of people to spend time together.


Creation binds us to each other. Creation makes us smile, makes us laugh. It makes us bleed and it makes us lose teeth. It's hard and it's wonderful and it's totally worth it.


It's the best of what we can be. Add in the people you love, and there's really nothing else that matter.


Art and Love.


Creativity and Connection.


Creation and Community.


Yeah, I had a pretty good Labor Day.