Why Vacation

In his interview with Krista Tippett, Seth Godin tells a story about sitting in the lobby of a hotel working on his laptop. A couple walks by and one comments to the other, "Poor soul, stuck on his laptop, he can't even get away from work for the weekend."  

Telling Krista this story, Seth said something like, "Which really caught me off guard. I love my work, and I wasn't being a martyr sitting there working. I'm lucky enough to have a life and work that I don't need to escape from."


That's what we spend a lot of our time talking about, here. How do we build a life that we don't need to escape from?


I dream of a world where everyone loves their work, where we are glued to our laptops because we are so excited about what we are creating.


Still, even if we love our work and our community, vacation still happens. I love my life, and I'm away right now, up in St Ignace, with my sisters and my mom. My closest friends, the ones who love their work, they still go on vacation. They go up north for the week, they go to the Indy 500, they go to Burning Man. People who love their life don't necessarily eradicate vacation from their lives.


And so I'm still left wondering - what is vacation for?


And more specifically: If we're not simply escaping from our lives, then how should we spend vacation? Is there more than one kind of vacation? Rest vacation? Adventure vacation?


And can we create on vacation? Or is just about leaning back and soaking it all in?


Don't get me wrong, I am having a wonderful time up here with my family. For me, that's what this vacation is about. It's about spending time together with my sisters and my mom, especially now that we don't see each other all the time.


And maybe it's as simple as that: vacation is for spending intentional time with our loved ones.


I don't know, though, it feels like there's something more going on here. I don't think I quite understand it yet.


What do you guys think? In a transformed world, in a world where everyone loves their work, in a world where nobody wants to escape their life - what will vacation look like? Do you go on vacation? If so, how do you vacation? Why do you vacation?


I would love any insight you guys can offer.