Dear Downtown Owosso

Yesterday was my last day of work at Owosso Main Street.  

Eighteen months of learning and laughter and frustration and growth and so many, many blessings.


Thank you to the hiring committee that took a risk by hiring a kid to do a big job.


Thank you to the volunteers and board members, you are Owosso Main Street.


Thank you to Josh Adams; I have nothing but peace with you at the wheel.  You're doing an even better job than I had imagined, and I always imagined you doing well.


These months have changed me.


I drive through towns with x-ray goggles now - checking out downtowns, looking for signs of a strong local economy. Sizing up public schools looking for signs of a strong tax base.


I look for sidewalks and flowers and recessed entrances on first floor storefronts. I notice street width and how it affects traffic flow. I think and talk about windows. You heard me, WINDOWS. Ask a preservationist, they'll know what I'm talking about.


When traveling with friends and family, I pitch a FIT about eating and shopping downtown. "I don't care how bad the parking is, you newbs, this is IMPORTANT!".


I grew up in Owosso and my only childhood memories of downtown consist of Cone Zone and Spaguolo's. That seems so strange to me now. These days, I do 80% of my shopping downtown and can't imagine it any other way. My friends are downtwon, my colleagues are downtown, ... my life is downtown.


I'm changed forever.


Thank you, Downtown Owosso.


You will always be my first love :)