The Puritan's Dilemma

Cultural influences run deep - I'm willing to bet that almost every American has a sneaky little Puritan living inside them, waiting to make them feel guilty.  

The great thing about flexible work is that it's ... you know ... flexible. Mostly I can work whatever hours I'd like, prioritize my own tasks, run out for groceries in the middle of the day. It's great.


Of course, that also requires a high level of discipline. I have to make sure I get my work done.


And surprise, surprise, sometimes it doesn't go well.


And when that happens, my Puritan instinct is to feel like shit ... which isn't very helpful.


The challenge then, maybe, is this: How do I keep my word to myself? How do I enforce my own standard of integrity? And when I don't live up to that standard, what are my thoughts? What are my actions? Do those thoughts and actions move me forward, make me stronger, or are they just an indulgent chorus of guilt trips?


This one's definitely in process, so chime in with any brilliant insights :)