The Magic Number

Amanda Palmer started performing with the Dresden Dolls in 2000. In 2002, they recorded their first album. In 2012, she became the first musician in history to raise over $1,000,000 on KickStarter.  

Ten years.


Ten years of playing in basements, playing at parties, ten years of tweeting and writing and singing. Ten years of touring and working and sweating.


That's what it takes. Her KickStarter was a success because she had already done the work, she had already created a rabid fan base waiting to hear more from her.


This ten years thing, it keeps coming up. Ten years seems to be then amount of time it takes to build something remarkable.


Which has got me thinking.


What's my ten year vision?


I've been neglecting that long range vision lately. CrazySmith is launching in November, and in true Lean Startup tradition, I've been focusing on the first few months: What's the first step? What will the first events look like? Who will come? How will we fail? How will we improve?


And I'm getting there - I can see and feel those first days, can imagine how that first year will unfold.


Watching interviews of Amanda last night, though, I was inspired to zoom out.


What do I want to build?


So here we go :)


In ten years, CrazySmith will:


  • Operate campuses in Detroit, Owosso, Baltimore, and Cleveland.
    • Each campus will include housing, food production, light manufacturing, a restaurant, a cafe, and retail space.
    • Each campus will house 80-120 people: some permanent residents, some short term, some visitors.
    • Each campus will be a resource center for the creatively motivated; every one at the campus will be up to something incredible, building something amazing in the world.
    • Each campus will hold weekly events - dinner parties, coffee hours, afternoon teas, and concerts - designed to connect creators with each other, to form a support community for people taking epic risks in their creative lives.
  • Employ 50-100 people.
  • Organize week, month, and year long training programs, teaching people how to build projects they care about, teaching them how to build their life around work they love.
  • We will have a beautiful online following of the creatively motivate, people making a ruckus in their local communities.
  • We'll be able to travel to any medium sized city in America, send out a request online, and instantly create a ten person dinner party.
  • There will be kids running around screaming and laughing and creating.
  • There will be food and music and lots of hugs.
  • We will brew our own beer.
  • We will make our own bread.
  • It will be amazing :)


Any who, I'm sure this list will change a bit over the next ten years. There will be surprises and tears and stubbed toes and curses - of this I am sure.


I'm so ready for that.


So pumped :)