Seed Crystal

Most people (including me) are afraid of the blank page.  

No rules? Sheer possibility? Complete control?




Please oh please oh please oh please give me some direction. Lord oh lord, give me a prompt.


Give me a seed crystal, a point of intervention.


One rule is all it takes, an arbitrary line, something to build on.


My favorite new seed crystal? My empty wallet.


Seriously - I'm get so creative when I run out of money.


My groceries this week only cost ten dollars: rice and beans and green tea. Seven days of sustenance, voila. I hunted all around the store to find the cheapest and most ethical options. I found products I didn't even know existed!


I'm probably going to be pretty broke for the next few years, so I figure I might as well have some fun, might as well use this circumstance to leverage some creativity.


What circumstance are you working thorough right now? How might you spin that into an opportunity for great creativity? What's your seed crystal?