Indie Game: The Movie

I just watched a great documentary called Indie Game: The Movie. Just like every other industry, the video game industry is splintering into a million pieces; independent developers are taking market share from EA and Microsoft and every large large developer.  

A game like Super Meet Boy, made by two guys in their basements, sells 20,000 copies on the first day and gets better reviews than Halo 4 , a game developed with a huge budget by literally thousands of programmers.


This is the revolution, the revolution of small, the revolution of personal, the revolution of independent, of risky and personal and weird.


These two programmers had little to no income while they were developing Super Meat Boy. The day it launched, they grossed more money than they had made the past 6 years combined.


This is the world we're living in - this is the path available to each and every one of us.