Just Live

Today I was listening to Krista Tippett's interview with Shane Claiborne today - he never ceases to inspire me.  

Shane leads with his whole life, with his whole body - he is a walking expression of the world he wants to live in. He simply lives his vision and invites others to join him.


I keep falling into the trap of thinking I've got it all figured out, of thinking that this movement is about me, about my ideas, about my vision. And it's just not.


Yeah, I look at our country, I see a lot of loneliness, and I think we can do better. I see people whose work is not an expression of their true selves, and I think we can do better.


But that's just the beginning. The real work is the living - I'm here, trying to live of life of creativity, trying to live a life of community, trying to make things that matter, trying to love the people around me.



Maybe that's all leadership is, maybe all there is to do is this: live a life I'm proud of, a life I would want for my children, a life that I want for my country men - Β live that life, and invite others to join me.