We're Free

Do you ever notice how in television shows the dialogue is always repeating plot points from earlier in the season?  

For instance, person A slams the door in person B's face. Person B opens the door and says, "Look, person A, I know you're really really really mad about that thing that happened on the last episode, that thing I'm describing in detail right now, but you can't go around slamming doors in my face!".


And just like that, all the slackers who missed last week are all caught up.


It's just one of the countless little prices we pay for entertainment that is ad supported, entertainment that is designed to capture and retain as many viewers as possible.


It's the price we pay when the success of Art is measured in eyeballs and ad buys.


I'm watching Aaron Sorkin's new show and I love it, and I love him. I'm watching him squirm over low rating and bad reviews and try desperately to change his show - a show that a lot of us absolutely loved.


I'm watching and I just so badly want to reach through the screen and say: "Aaron, you don't have to do this anymore. We invented the Internet. You can make whatever you want and we will follow you there. We will pay you and cut HBO out of the whole process. I promise. Be free!"


We're all free now, free to make something worth noticing, free to share it with people who will appreciate it, free to make something we love and ask people to pay for it. And yeah, we're free to say yes to that request, to pay artists directly, to out networks and advertisers and professional critics.


We're free to create.


We're free.