Something To Work On

All my brothers and sisters got together on Saturday to celebrate Kathleen's birthday. Erin was fresh from clown camp, and Mom and Papa drove 13 hours through the night to get into Lansing at 8:00 am. Daniel and Chris drove in from Owosso, Kathleen's boyfriend brought her from Kalamazoo, and I drove in from Reo town where I had spend the night.  

Four different cars delivered us all to the parking lot at Meijer where we met. Getting together is getting complicated, which is part of what makes it so special.


We participated in the Color Run (way fun) and then went to an Avett Brothers concert at the Common Ground festival - which is what I want to talk about.


The. Concert. Was. So. Amazing. Oh My Beans.


They played a two hour set and totally rocked out. We were dancing and singing and drinking and it was just so much fun.


The Avett Brothers were in good form and put on a good show. Daniel plays bass in a band called Gun Shot Amy and was tellins us how exhausting it is to play a forty minute set and how crazy it is to play for two hours, which got me thinking.


There are a lot of people in the world who love to write and perform music. A pretty small subset of that original group ever get to play in front of a crowd and still fewer get to spend the majority of their working hours making music.


This seems like a design problem worth addressing.  Why are we so willing to accept this status quo? Don't you think we could build a world where more passionate musicians get to make music for an adoring audience?


I think it's something worth working on.