Life on Wire

I watched Man on Wire again last night.  

It's rapidly becoming one of my favorite movies.


And Phillip Petit is becoming one my favorite artists.


Phillip stages public acts of crazy, secretly rigging tight ropes between famous monuments all over the world and useing the rope to dance in the air. He dances in public, for strangers, shaking hands with the threat of death. He dances with that threat, letting it contribute to his art. And it is that threat that we love, it is that threat that we love to watch dance on the wire.


He fills public spaces with great beauty and pure human ambition.


It seems to me that all human fear grows out of that first fear: the fear of death.


Phillip publicly confronts his own fear of death, and in so doing injects beauty and wonder and inspiration into our everyday.


He's so frickin' cool.


Let's all be frickin' cool.


Let's shake hands with our fears and invite them to work with us.


Let us dance with our fear.


Let us live out on the wire.