I don't handle monsters very well.  

When there's one in the closet, I'm pretty content to let it just sit there. Why go in after it, I mean, it's minding its own business, right?


I try to ignore it, try to pretend that it will keep minding its own business, that it won't come screaming out at me on a Tuesday morning, right as I get out of the shower, casting my life into chaos.


That's just pretend, though, because of course it will not mind its own business forever.


Eventually, it will come after me.


The dinner I charge on my credit card? The dishes in the sink? Or, most recently - the growing ache in my tooth.


These monsters aren't going away, and they only get bigger and badder as I sit and bite my nails, doing nothing.


So why not take 'em on right now? While they're still small? While I can still kick their butt?


What would happen if I stood up to these scary little challenges that arise day to day?


What if I took action right now?


What monsters are lurking in your closet?


What if you took them on today?


What would you gain?



PS - The monsters might not be as big and bad as you think. I avoided calling the dentist over the past few weeks because I don't have dental insurance assumed that a cleaning would cost hundreds of dollars, which would be difficult for me to manage in my budget. It turns out that a cleaning only costs $78, an x-ray costs $26, and a filling (if needed) would cost $120-$300. That's a lot cheaper than I thought. Plus, it inspired me to add a line item to my budget: the Tooth Fairy Fund.  I'm socking away $50 a month so I can get regular cleanings. What did I gain from tackling that monster? A dentist appointment on Friday, affordable care, tremendous peace, and a new preventative healthcare regimen.

PSS - The monsters are always so much smaller than we imagine. With the door closed, our imaginations go wild. Open the door, ground yourself in reality, acknowledge what's happening. It'll be hard, but it'll be so much easier that you're imagining right now.