This is Getting Embarassing



Have you seen these commercials? The 5 day challenge?


Apparently, if you use Dove deodorant for 5 days your arm pits will be nice and smooth.


I was watching TV with my mom a couple days ago and this commercial came on. I turned to her and asked, "Wait, are our arm pits not supposed to be bumpy?". She shrugged and responded, "No, I don't think they are.".


And there in that moment, I was blown away by the absurdity.


My arm pits are bumpy ... and that does not bother me at all.


I didn't even know that that was a thing to be worried about.


Is this really how we want to build our world?


Manufacturing insecurity, manufacturing solutions to problems we invented just so we could manufacture the solution.


Personally, I'd rather bake a cake. Or build a bike. Or make dinner. Or sing a song. Or roll in the grass. Or do my laundry. Or floss.


We've got to come up with better ways to spend our time, this is getting embarrassing.