We're humans. We're awesome.

  I woke up this morning in Indianapolis, in the warm cozy home of a woman I met yesterday. (woot CouchSurfing)


I took a shower, grabbed a coconut water she offered me out of the fridge, and hit the road.


I was heading for Broad Ripple, a neighbourhood a couple miles north of her house.


On the way over I got a little turned around and asked for directions. A nice couple pointed me in the right direction.


Then, a mile down the road, I tripped, rolled my ankle, and landed on my knees.


Another 100 feet, and I tripped again.


(Wow, I need better shoes and better walking skills.)


It was all a secret blessing, though, because a moment later a car pulled into the driveway ahead of me and an eight year old girl stuck her neck out: "Hey, can we give you a ride somewhere?"


I got in the car and her dad said, "We can spot a girl having a hard time walking down the road."




When we got to Broad Ripple, the dad pulled over and gave me a little verbal tour around the neighbourhood.


I asked about coffee shops, and he tried really hard to come up with a local alternative to Starbucks. Coffee not being his expertise, he told me about his favorite restaurants instead.


Then, in the voice of a parent quizzing their daughter on multiplication tables, he leaned over to his daughter: "She could always go to McDonalds .... ", and she responded, on cue: "Ewwww, noooooo, not McDonald's".


Oh dear, I am so in love with this family.


I am so in love with humanity.


All this kindness and generosity, this is who we are, this is what we do.


We're humans. We're awesome.