Way Better

I remember when I was little, I thought: I can't wait to be an adult, because the stakes will be so much lower.  

Going to jail, I thought, would be easier than getting into trouble. Jail was just punishment, after all, it held none of the terror represented for me by the anger and disappointment of my parents.


Then as I got a little older and I thought: I can't wait to have a job, because the stakes will be so much lower.


Getting fired is not nearly as scary as failing a test.


And, now, here I am. A full blown adult, working a job and paying my bills and well, I haven't gone to jail yet, but I assume that that day will come eventually.


Now, I don't get into trouble with my parents and I don't study for finals.


Now there's only really one standard of success.


Now, I lie in bed, look at the ceiling, and think: "What kind of life do I want to create? What kind of contribution do I want to make?".


And that's it.


I think I was right. Being and adult is way better.


I'm not sure if this new standard is "easier", but it's definitely a lot more fun.