The Hard Parts

I've been on a bit of a planning binge this past week.  

I made a to do list 30 items long today, and got most of them done.


My lunch is made and in the fridge, waiting for me to grab it on the way to work tomorrow.


My alarm is set for 6:20, leaving precisely enough time before my first meeting of the day for breakfast, yoga, meditation, showering, getting dressed, making coffee, and writing a blog post.


I'm on top of everything, and it feels great.


And yet, looking back at my list today, there were only 3 or 4 really powerful actions - stuff that was hard to do, that really moved my projects forward.


Perfect planning is no substitute for bravery.  Twenty ticks on a to-do list doesn't mean much if they're all softballs - easy tasks designed to distract me from the real work to be done.


After the logistics are done, when my lunch is packed and my day is scheduled, there is always one question left to ask:


Yeah, but what about the hard parts? Are they on the schedule?