Mediocrity is Poison

Mediocrity is poison.  

The greatest moments of my life, they were never mediocre. They were .... well, they we great.


My 24th birthday party: 15 of my best friends in the world, four courses of made-from-scratch vegan food. Five hours of conversation. Guests cruising in from San Francisco, DC, Michigan, and New York. All of them gathering on old stomping grounds in New Haven. That was great.


Writing, producing, and performing a musical with my little sister: three performances, $700 raised, awesome feedback from friends and family. That was great.


Running 10 miles for this first time, finishing the run, barely able to stand - my mom meeting me at the driveway with hugs, cheers, and a pitcher of water to dump on my head. That was great.


Why wouldn't I want to fill my whole life with experiences like this?


And what, exactly, is stopping me?