Three Things to Remember

A poem today, coming to you from Diana Dyer of Dyer Family Organic Farm and 365 Days of Kale. Diana is a new friend and an amazing friend. I visited her farm a couple weeks ago and left with some yummy honey and a tip: there was great bread being sold at their local corner store.  

The bread's long gone, but Diana is still around, keeping me up to date on farm happenings and sending lovely thoughts through space, landing eventually in my inbox.


This is why the Internet is worth keeping around.


Thanks for the poem, Diana!


I hope the rest of you enjoy it as much as I did.




Three Things to Remember


As long as you're dancing, you can

break the rules.

Sometimes breaking the rules is just

extending the rules.


Sometimes there are no rules.


-Mary Oliver, A Thousand Mornings (2012)