Who are we upsetting?

If we're going to build a movement, then we need to build a tribe.  

And if we're going to build a tribe, then Seth says we need to answer this question:


Who are we upsetting?


I love this question, I think it's confronting in all the right ways.


Seth says that if you're not upsetting anyone, then you're probably not changing the status quo.


It's easy for me to imagine that this movement is for everyone. Everybody wants to love their work, right? Everyone wants to be connected to their community, right? Nobody wants to live in debt, right?


But of course it's not for everybody, not yet. When we transform our country and build a new culture around these values, then maybe it'll be for everyone.


Right now, though, we're a fringe group.


Right now, if we're really living our values, we're going to be upsetting people.


I'm struggling with this question, though, and I'd love some support in the comments.


If you've been reading for awhile, what do you think? Who are we upsetting?