Epic Tribe

I went out the Shiawassee Conservation Association tonight and hung out with a friend while she volunteered for their poker run fund raiser. A poker run - if you, like me as of 10 hours ago, have no idea what that means - is where a bunch of bikers ride along a route, stopping at specific location to pause, take a break, and roll some dice. They add up all their roles during the run, adn prizes are awarded to high and low scores.  

No, there isn't and actual poker involved.


And no, I don't understand that either.


Sitting at the table, watching bike after bike ride in, I was inspired. I love when human beings totally geek out over something. I love when they get obsessed and then share that obsession in community with mutually obsessed others.


The bikes, the leather, the skull caps, the rhinestones, the noise, the beer, the burgers - it all made sense. These people are in tune with each other. When they're together, they all listen to same music, talk about the same stuff, eat the same food. It's fabulous.


This is a real tribe.


Tribes make us happy - tribes are how we live our lives. Modern human beings run with lots of tribes: work tribe, school tribe, family tribe, church tribe, ect. When they're not on a poker run, all those bikers probably live lives very different than one another. When they're together, though, as biker tribe, they are lock step.


Tribes get work done. Money makes the world go round?




Tribes make the world go round.


What would happen if we built a tribe of people committed to creating an America where all of our people do work that they love? Where we are all creatively expressed.


What if we shared a language? What if we listened to same music, wrote the same kind of books, and went to dinner parties together?


What would this tribe look like?


What would we build?