Native Capitalists

I've started to hear the term "Digital Native" used a lot, and I have to say, I love this idea.  

Here's the basic principle: Digital Natives are people - at this point, mostly children - who were born after the digital revolution. They have no pre-Internet memories.


I discovered YouTube my freshman year in college. For the digital native, YouTube is not a discovery - YouTube is an assumption.


This "native" paradigm is enlightening. I love the idea that I am wholly at home in a world that was completely radical just 10, 50, 100 years before I was born.  Think about it - I'm an Agriculture Native, a Reformation Native, a Democracy Native.


And this idea, of course, got me thinking about America. Because honestly, I'm kind of always thinking about America.


America is native to Capitalism, we're a Capitalism Native.  We we born in the 18th century, when "[modern] merchant capitalism and mercantilism were established".  We were there, just as this thing was really taking off. And we are so, so, so good at it.


Which is no surprise - our country was born at a time when the most brilliant minds in the world had turned their eyes to profit, to building a system capable of infinite growth.


America has never known a generation who did not expect to keep themselves alive by engaging in commerce.


This is perhaps why we are the kings and queens of consumption.


Nobody can touch us, they don't even have a chance.  I mean, think about it - you wouldn't challenge a 6 year old to game of Angry Birds, would you?


Capitalism is at the heart of our stories of excellence, success, and prosperity.


We were born here and we've lived here our whole lives.