Everybody on the Bus

What if children were always around?  

What if there were day cares and pre-schools and classrooms sprinkled all over our city? In City Hall, during office hours and during public meetings. In the waiting room of my dentist, at my local bookstore.  On every floor of every office building in Livingston County. In McDonalds.


Imagine this world.


Think of the 5 places you spend most of your time.


Now imagine children living there with you.


What works?


What doesn't work?


If children don't belong in on of those places, then ask yourself - why not?


What would have to change to make room for the children? How would your life change if this was true?


I think this is a really fun exercise and maybe even a simple little accountability tool.


After all - if children wouldn't be safe or comfortable, then why are sending our adults there?