Video: Me Playing the Ukulele

By now, y'all are probably used to me yakity-yaking about the beauty of human creativity. Today I thought I'd do something brave: I'm going to put aside the abstract philosophizing and make some art.  

Inspired by Ms. Amanda Palmer's song, "Ukulele Anthem", I took her advice and bought myself a ukulele. In Amanda's words "They're only $19.95 / That isn't lots of money". I think mine was closer to $29.95, but still - not bad for a little tool that will get me making music.


Since then I've been banging around on this thing and having a gay 'ol time. I played trumpet in school, but this is so much different. This is an instrument made for singing, for writing songs, for performing, for friends! It's so much fun, oh my beans. Music is for everyone.


So here it is, folks, a video of me playing the second song I learned on the ukulele: Amanda Palmer's "In My Mind". (If you wanna check out how the pros do it, watch Amanda's gorgeous video and even read about how she made it.)


In My Mind from Heather Rivard on Vimeo.