Here's my dirty little secret: I ignore politics ... as much as I can.  

In my quest for world domination - by which I mean my quest for a wholesale refashioning of American culture - I try and ignore this whole messy subject. Who to vote for? Eh, I'd rather talk about your day job and how we're going to get you out of that cubicle.


I try and pretend that I don't care, that it's not important, but the truth is: I'm scared. And pessimistic. And frustrated.


Which isn't helpful.


And of course I can't ignore it forever. The federal government is going to be a huge player in this new world that we're building.


And so, I'm tip-toeing into the world of political thought. So far I've come up with 2 projects:


1) Get the money the h*** out of the picture. Seriously, man. Lobbyists? Really? Oil subsidies? Really? K Street? I hate you. Don't take my word for it, though, Mr. Lessig will give you all the details.




2) Start loving our government. I'm so over this whole 'necessary evil' angle. Government can be exciting, innovative, and inspiring. It can be a beautiful expression of our shared values. I mean, really, we've practically eliminated homicide in the developed world - that's pretty baller. I think our government is something to celebrate. If we celebrate it, then maybe we'll care about it enough to keep reinventing it.


Any who, those are my nascent little baby thoughts about politics. Be kind, I'm way out of my comfort zone here.