The Myth of America

A myth is a true story that never happened.  

Myths are about meaning, not facts. Myths tell us who we are, what we value. We pass them around in our communities. We tell them to our children. Sometimes we read them at bedtime, but sometime they are invisible - they are the stories behind our actions - the stories that motivate our choices.


This is the myth I hear everyday about America, the story I hear ourselves telling each other. I hear it in words and in actions, in conversation and public policy, on our TV and in our movies.



The Myth of America


Every man deserves to live a country where he has the opportunity to be successful. Success means owning a house, driving a car, having a job, raising a family and accumulating wealth.


In our country, every man has equal access to success. The people who succeed are the people that work the hardest.


It's not possible to live in a world without poverty. The best we can do is to lift as many people out of poverty as possible. The best way to accomplish this is by the successful people giving jobs to the unsuccessful people.


It is very important to have successful people that create jobs for the unsuccessful people. Even with successful people creating jobs, though, there will always be lazy people who don't want to work. It is ok if lazy people are not successful.


Growth is when more people in our country become successful, or when the successful people accumulate more wealth. Our country's success is measured by its growth.


It's important to have successful people who accumulate a lot of wealth because accumulation of wealth is the best incentive to drive growth.


Infinite growth is possible.


America is a great country with many successful people.  There are less and less successful people everyday, though. This has to do with many complicated forces. To simplify, though, there are more and more lazy people that don't want to work.


America is less successful than it used to be. It's possible that we could become more successful in the future, but not likely.




What do you think? Is this a good story? Is it time for a new one? If so, what new story will we tell ourselves? What new myth will we make for America?