A Poem I Wrote

I never get used to seeing kids in New York City.  New York, to me, is just not a place where kids lives. New York is for finance and theater, for subways and Central Park, for hipsters and lawyers.  Hipster and lawyers, yes, but children? Certainly not.  

For me, you see, New York is an idea.


Which got me thinking.


Children are the opposite of abstraction. Little kids running around playing soccer, it just hits me right in my stomach. I can't be anything but completely present, completely committed to these kids and their future.


"We are raising our children here" should be the rallying cry for anyone in American defending the city they love.


Thinking about this, and think about moving in the fall, walking the streets in SoHo, I wrote this poem. I hope you like it :)


Detroit's an idea. We are raising our children. Detroit is a place.